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The Dunning Software Affiliate Program allows webmasters and individuals to generate revenue by promoting our products. For each sale that originates from your website or marketing effort, you will receive a percentage of the sale price.

You will receive a 30% commission on all orders placed by referrals from your website!
We are happy to create custom builds of our software which include your Affiliate ID in all the ‘Buy Now’ links. As an added bonus, we will increase the commission to 50% if you host the files on your server.

If you would like a custom build, send us an e-mail. Please specify for which product(s) you would like us to create custom builds.

We are committed to protecting our affiliate’s commissions.  To facilitate this, we use RegNow’s order processing service and affiliate network, exclusively.

Getting Started:

Sign up with the RegNow Affiliate Network, it’s free and there’s no obligation.  Once you have your affiliate ID, use the following ‘Buy Now’ links for our products:

Password Fortress

Password Architect

SendTo Magic

HotKey Magic

Magic Pack Bundle

Hasty Paste

Note: Replace xxxx with the affiliate ID you received from the RegNow Affiliate Network.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us.